Gosh, it makes me so sad, but I have a feeling Rosetta’s is going to become a distant memory for me.  I have been loyal to Rosetta’s since she opened and the food was good, cheap, and fast.  Then the prices slowly crept up.  Okay, okay…fine.  But then the food became pretty hit or miss, increasingly becoming misses.  When I was pregnant, we went there about once a week and almost had the pattern down (Tuesdays were a dependably good night!)

I pretty much always get the family favorite which is kale, mashed potatoes/gravy, and peanut butter tofu.  Sometimes the kale has been so good I have groaned with delight.  When the tofu is right it is sooooo right, but it tends to be the dish responsible for the most “misses”.  Sometimes it is wet and a little mushy, other times it is so dried out you can barely swallow it.

Well, we went to Rosetta’s Saturday night with our 15-month-old and although I knew they didn’t offer a kid’s menu, I was hoping they could offer smaller portions or make adjustments.  The guy behind the counter was nice and helpful, offering the sides as choices for kids.  They are $2.50 a cup though, OUCH!  I asked if he could put two sides in one cup, and thankfully he was happy to do it.  So we opted for Mac n Cheese and Pinto Beans.  My partner ordered the tacos and I ordered…. of course……the Family Favorite.

When we received our food I realized immediately this was going to be a “miss” night.  The tofu was bone dry and crumbly.  I had trouble splitting a piece with a fork, it was so rubbery and dry.  The kale was okay, but a little bland.  There is no use in sending the food back – I know enough about kitchen staff to not be willing to risk spit in my food.  This dish is not made-to-order, but it should be refreshed when it becomes this dried out.  I noticed the prices have gone up (now $8.25 for the Family Favorite) so the standards should not go down.

To add to disappointment, my daughter would not eat the Mac n Cheese.  The noodles were completely mushy.  I’ve never ordered it before so I don’t know if on a good night the noodles are more firm, but this was pretty bad.  The flavor was interesting though.  On the upside, my partner’s Tacos were very good and the Cowboy Cookie was perfect.

I’ve had really good luck lately with restaurants having clean high chairs, but boy I got paid back this time.  I tried to wipe it down with a wet towel and crusted food fell away from every side of it.  It was sticky and grimy, just like the tables.  The utensils felt gritty.   I am not a frilly girl, but I don’t like an overall sense of sloppy cleaning when I eat either, especially when my baby is involved.

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