Friday night we went out to Tupelo Honey with a family member who was in town for a visit.  We LOVE Tupelo Honey South and have taken Mira with us since she was a month old.  But it’s getting interesting as she gets older and eats more from the menu.  Up until now she has eaten from my plate, usually veggie sides or the veggie bowl.   But this time I decided she was a big girl and ready to order from the kid’s menu!

But first things first, we didn’t even have her in the high chair (which was refreshingly clean, btw) before her uncle declared, “She smells a little stinky.”  Usually this would make me groan, but Tupelo Honey South has the bomb bathroom, so I whisked her off to our private changing table in the ladies room, with the trashcan and sink in the handicap stall right there……ahh my sense of luxury these days!

When I came back the guys were looking over the menu, and I had to ask our server for the kid’s menu.  I found that a little odd, but maybe she just forgot.  I was happy to see a full spread of menu items for Mira.  She’s still mostly a soft-foods toddler, so not everything was appropriate for her, but I settled on the breakfast plate: scrambled eggs, soysage, and I subbed sweet potato fries (which she loves) for the home fries.  Or ordered the veggie plate with smashed cauliflower, kale, and fried okra.

When the food came Mira’s dinner was on a ceramic plate, which made me a little nervous because she is still in the plate-tossing stage.  But we’re usually safe until it gets mostly empty, then you really have to watch her.  She gobbled on the eggs and soysage immediately.  She ate about half the fries (it’s a lot of food for a 15-month-old), some of my cauliflower and a couple of pieces of fried okra.  It makes me SO happy to see her eat a full meal and she was so into her food (and the other diners, and the ceiling fans, and the wall art…..) that the adults got to enjoy each other’s company.  So many times I feel like most of my attention is on her, helping her with her food, spooning, etc.  It was nice that this meal she could eat all on her own.  And it was a healthy, balanced meal, which is so important to me.

Tupelo Honey South is on my “Best” list on Baby-Takeout.  They have a kid’s menu, high chairs, and diaper changing tables in the men’s and women’s restroom.  Go to Baby-Takeout to see a list of kid-friendly Asheville restaurants listed A-Z and Best to Worst.  Also, join our forum to find kids eat free specials, breastfeeding locations, and other useful info.
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