When you are a stay-at-home-mom the days kind of blend together, no?  Wednesday is like Friday is like Monday.  We had a Groupon to Lime Leaf that needed to be used up, so on a spur we decided to head down to Hendersonville for dinner.  I didn’t really think about it being Saturday night.  We take Mira everywhere we go;  she is really well-behaved and as a family it just feels right to do things together.  But I have to admit it did feel a little odd to walk into the dim, sultry interior of Lime Leaf with a toddler.  It’s like you can feel the other diners give out an inaudible groan when you pass their table.  But whatever.

Not familiar with the menu, I brought our trusty food bag with items for Mira if she could not/would not eat the food.  I ordered the Pad See-Ew so I could share the eggs, tofu, and broccoli with her.  Sean ordered the Green Curry (three pepper alert!) so he was definitely not sharing with her.  She refused to even try anything but the sticky rice.  She used to eat tofu, but the last few attempts have been fails.  The eggs were so saturated in sauce they were brown instead of yellow, and she would not eat them.  And the broccoli was too crunchy for her.  But she happily ate the puffs and Plum packet (sensing a new pattern here!!)  and my orange garnish, so we really enjoyed ourselves.  As we were leaving, an older couple at the table next to us complimented us on what an angel she was and said she was just like a little doll, they almost weren’t sure if she was real.  They gushed and gushed and wow!  that was a great feeling.  We walked up and down the main street a couple of times enjoying the evening air and then headed home.  What a great date night!

Despite the romantic and low-lit atmosphere Lime Leaf is very kid-friendly.  I didn’t see a kid’s menu, but the server offered up rice and was ready with suggestions for Mira.  The high chair was clean and the women’s restroom had a very clean diaper changing station in it.    We don’t always have to go to loud, boisterous restaurants just because we are dining with babies.  Mira loved looking around at the candles and the quiet, dim setting seemed to keep her calm and quiet too.  There are tables on the sidewalk, so if it looks like it’s going to be “one of those nights” you have that option as well.

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