This past Wednesday we were set to meet some friends at Doc Chey’s to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  The only place I could find to park was up on Market Street, and the stroller was in the other car (which Sean was driving and meeting us there from work) so I had to carry my 14-month-old, diaper bag, food bag, presents, and a cake.  Ohhhhhhh my gahhhhhhsh…….but I did it.

So who knew?  Doc Chey’s is closed on Wednesdays.  Thankfully Sean and a friend were waiting to tell me the party had been moved to Salsa’s.  I unloaded all items on the guys, shook my arms out, and we headed up the street.  I was a little anxious because I knew Salsa’s could be packed tight, and I do not like the high chair to be in the aisle where it can get bumped or knocked over.  But I was relieved to find the restaurant was only about a third full and our waitress put a long and a short table together so the high chair could go in the space that made up the difference.  We were in a corner so we were all tucked in nicely, but not cramped.

I ordered the sweet potato empanada because my girl loves sweet potatoes and usually will eat tofu, so I thought she would have enough of that with some rice and beans to make a good little meal for her.   Nope, every attempt to share resulted in the food being thrown to the floor or I got “the hand”.  I always bring along some puffed rice/grains (to tide her over until food arrives) and a Plum Organics packet and those wound up being the only things she would accept.  Now come on, just two days before we ate at Mamacita’s and she gobbled up the rice, beans, and sweet potatoes, so I was pretty dumbfounded that she refused everything that came her way.  She even refused avocado, which is her favorite.  Ohhhhh fickle baby.

Even though the space it tight and can be packed on a busy night, Salsa’s is doable if you are dining with children.  They offer a kid’s menu and there is a diaper changing table in the women’s restroom.  There is not a changing table in the men’s room, but the women’s restroom is a single with a locking door, so it would be fine for a guy to use it if he needed to change a diaper.

Want to know which Asheville restaurants are kid-friendly?  Check out Baby-Takeout to see which restaurants have KID’S MENUS, HIGH CHAIRS, and DIAPER CHANGING TABLES.  Join the forum to share tips and read restaurant reviews from a parent’s point of view.

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