We loooooove Mamacita’s. Before having Mira it was our standard post-yoga dinner. I am sure we ate there once or twice a week.  Funny enough, the folks behind the counter rarely acted like they recognized us or treated us like regulars.  Regardless, we liked going there because it was fast and tasty.  Once we were comfortable with Mira eating solids, dining here with her presented a bit of a challenge.  On one visit I ordered a side of sweet potatoes and a side of rice and beans.  Both servings were way too big and I wound up throwing the leftovers in quesadillas the next day.  On the next visit I ordered a bowl of the rice and beans, and requested that they split it in thirds, adding sweet potatoes. So the bowl was a third sweet potatoes, a third rice, and a third beans. Perfect amounts for a toddler!  We shared some cheese and avocado from our burritos and she was happy and full!

Sidenote: they do not have a diaper changing table, so plan ahead. Check out Baby-Takeout to see which restaurants have KID’S MENUS, HIGH CHAIRS, and DIAPER CHANGING TABLES.

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